Senin, 06 Februari 2012


ITB FAIR 2012 with Grasya

the collections


So... it was very nice to meet all of you.. :)
thank you for shopping with us.
see you at our next booth.
don't forget to follow our twitter @in_GRASYA there will be a surprise midnight sale rightaway!

xx, ladies.
salam, Grasya.

Kamis, 26 Januari 2012

The 3rd Collections : Babyface of GRASYA.

Anika Top IDR 185 featuring Elysia Wide Leg Pants IDR 215

Anika Top IDR 185 featuring Elysia Wide Leg Pants IDR 215

Trilby Outer IDR 195 featuring Corliss Pants IDR 215

Mindy Top IDR 185 featuring Corliss Pants IDR 215

Adeline Jumpsuit IDR 235 featuring Trilby Outer IDR 195

Adeline Jumpsuit

further info:
Happy Shopping & Dressing
Salam, Grasya.

Selasa, 24 Januari 2012

Grasya is officially launched!

Okay. sepertinya agak terlambat untuk post launching kali ini. But overall, grasya's feeling is truly grateful. Alhamdulillah is the best word to match what heart says.
So, we would thank to our belovey dovey customer who have supported us by buying and sending all hearty advices to build us better. Now as our gratitude, we'd like to share you the pictures, tehee :-)

symbolize of Grasya's launch

CEO, fashion assistant and the gorgeous models

pretty cupcakes for pretty ladies

Grasya: the official

good girls eh? ;)

Grasya: the showroom (bag by Nadya Siddiqa)

wall of ladies

Grasya's lovey: MC & Teh Sasa.

It was few of all photo stocks :p curious to see all? we invite you to come to our facebook:
So, seem like Grasya's really waiting to meet the ladies pretty schoon ya. we wish we could make some next mature-girlish gatherings and shareee all our stuffs together. insya Allah.

after all, we'd like to thank to our great photographer team: Cebi and friends on KlikKanan Photography. They were just the best photo hunter ever. billion thankiesss, guys!
also muchy thanky to Teh Sasa (Uztad Aam Amiruddin's wife) for whole sweet speech about female thingy. to our favourite MC, Sissy Sari~ to all ladies who have shared us their time. to Wardah team to magically made all models well done at face touches to perform the fashion show. to Nadya Siddiqa for the bag wardrobe. and all crews that can't be mentioned name by name. word like thankyou is not enough. but all we have is wishing you all happiness and blessed by beautiful life by Allah :-)

Now we're about to launching the 3rd collections; the babyface one; defines the fresh bornt baby from Grasya's launching. No more expectations but our ladies satisfaction. So, do not miss it ya ;-)

with hundred dozens of love.
Salam, Grasya.

Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011

Grasya Is Officially Launched

October 30,2011
2nd Collection are ready to be taken !

for more info :
twitter : @in_grasya
Facebook : Grasya Clothingroom